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Are you looking for a company that stands behind their students, with lifetime mentoring? A company who has flawless reviews, teaches scientific, up to date information is accredited, and has teachers who are highly respected and honored in their field? Look no further.

Gentle Blessings’ Progressive Training LLC was born in 2016 when Katie Morin and Nancy Hamm met at the Starbucks in Palm Springs, CA to integrate their collective businesses, Gentle Ventures (Nancy Hamm) and Multiple Blessings (Katie Morin). Wanting to combine their much loved businesses in a way that would honor both companies, they took the ‘Gentle’ from Gentle Ventures and the ‘Blessings’ from Multiple Blessings and thus Gentle Blessings was formed. With more than 1500 students between them they were off to a great start.

The goal for their company is to educate newborn care workers in newborn care and to expand the standard of care to include all aspects of care. With the rapidly changing agenda of the Newborn Care Specialist, Gentle Blessings’ strives to always have the most accurate, up to date information.  They are constantly updating their classes, manual, and website to reflect this goal. 

  The dedication of these two ladies is what makes Gentle Blessings one of a kind. They truly care about their students, encouraging, supporting and mentoring them without an extra fee, for a lifetime.  

Both Katie and Nancy felt they each had something special to share with the NCS community. Along with more than 50 years of experience between them and with amazing teaching experience that many others lack. Both ladies are advanced certified by the NCSA and share many continuing education certificates between them. Among them being:

  • Happiest Baby on the Block Certificate
  • Lactation Management Support
  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Postpartum (how to detect)
  • Natural Breastfeeding    

Gentle Blessings has the most extensive training program in the NCS community including more information in their Basic class than any other. They offer scientifically based evidence on all the subjects along with personal experiences to enhance their classes. Humor is sprinkled throughout the course to keep it fun and innovating.   

Both Nancy and Katie are so honored to be able to present not only the Newborn Care Specialist classes but also teach a Newborn Nanny course and will be posting continuing education classes along with a refresher class on updates.  The Newborn Nanny course is amazing for people who would like to work with newborns through eighteen months. The Newborn Care Specialist class covers newborn to twelve weeks only.     

Once a year the Master’s Workshop is the hosted by Gentle Blessings with three days of “Masters” teaching postpartum workers. This is the biggest event put on by any postpartum company and each year is completely original. Networking and fun are priorities. Our speakers have included Dr. Harvey Karp MD, Dr. Theresa Nesbitt MD, Dr. Larissa Nielson, Dr. Hamilton MD, and many more. We offer certificates and badges for all our classes.