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NN Class Description

This is a complete course, beginning with fundamental concepts and progressing to advanced care.

  • Ages Covered: 0-18 weeks
  • Number of Classes: 16
  • Hours of Videos: 28 plus
  • Time to take the Class: Weekend to a year.
  • Based on: Scientific Research, Expert Opinion, and over 40 years of hands-on experience
  • Mentorship: Available for all students for a lifetime
  • Discounts: Continuing Education and Workshop Discounts for Students
  • Certificate of Completion

The course also includes a complete care of a newborn through the formative toddler stage of 18 months.No other course includes this age range. We cover Milestones, Appropriate Activities and Foods for babies over 3 months, Potty Training, Traveling with a Baby, Fun in the Sun, the complete Sleep Conditioning and Sleep Conditioning/Training course, Multiples and Preemie Care, and Formula Composition. We also cover Prenatal and Baby Development, along with Failure to Thrive, the Death of a Child, RAD, the Mind of a Child, Communication, why it is important to Go Green with a child, Resume Building, how to Apply at an Agency, Marketing, and much more.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start your career or business as a Newborn Nanny.

Check out our Course Curriculum below by clicking on the title of each course on the right.

The NN course consists of:

Basic and advanced techniques from the NCS Course plus 3 to 18 months.

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Newborn Nanny Full Course

Class 4 Multiples and Poop & Scheduling

  • Teacher: Katie Morin
  • Released: 06/22/2018
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:
  • Price: $ 50.00

No certificate is given for this course

Table of Contents

Multiples & Poop & Scheduling


Do you want to work with Multiples. As a Newborn Care Specialist there will come a time when you have more than one baby. This entire class is dedicated to making your job as easy as possible and still have happy babies.


Plan Name Price
1 Year: $ 50.00


Katie Morin

Founder of Multiple Blessings Newborn Care Training

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist and Certified Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant

Katie Morin ACNCS, ACISC began her career over 20 years ago. She has been extremely blessed to have worked with some amazing families along the way. One of her first and most memorable experiences with multiples (a set of newborn triplets) was 27 years ago. It was then that she realized her passion for working with children. It was then that she also realized her passion for caring for multiples.

Katie has a degree in Child Development and Psychology and has countless certificates including being Advance Certified through the Newborn Care Specialist Association.

Through the years, Katie has been a career nanny, a daycare provider, a preschool teacher and a Certified Newborn Care Specialist. She does not consider these positions just a job; they are a passion and what she loves to do. It allows her to meet incredible people, all with different personalities and aspects of life. This experience gives her the ability to educate and assist new parents during the most amazing part of their life. Most important she gets to nurture and cuddle a newborn during the first few weeks and months of their life. 

In 2008 Katie became Certified as a Newborn Care Specialist. To date, she has worked with over 40 sets of twins, nine sets of triplets and quadruplets. She has also worked with dozens of preemies (some born as early as 26 weeks) as well as newborns with special needs.

Katie’s other passion is being a teacher, a mentor, and a support guide.

It is Katie’s hope that you enjoy this manual and class, and learn as much as she has during the research and writing of the manual.

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Multiples & Poop & Scheduling